Chris Carter and Chris Watson to play live sets at The Surrey Moog Symposium

Chris Carter and Chris Watson will play live sets at the upcoming Surrey Moog Symposium.

Organised in collaboration with the Moog Sound Lab UK and Moog Music Inc, the symposium will take place on 3 February and will feature an array of performances and discussions celebrating the life and legacy of Bob Moog.

The event, which takes place at the University of Surrey, will see live performances by Throbbing Gristle founding member Chris Carter (who will be showing off his own new modular system for a second time), as well as Cabaret Voltaire alumnus and leading wildlife recorder Chris Watson who will be performing new modular synth work.

The symposium will also mark the launch of new record label Moog Recording Library which will release a series of new recordings created with the Moog Sound Lab UK. There’ll also be a roundtable discussion ‘Bob Moog And The “Living Machines”‘ which will include live demonstration by the Sound Lab.

Entry to The Surrey Moog Symposium is free apart from the Chris Carter and Chris Watson concerts, which are £10 apiece, are limited to 200 and can only be bought online.

Carter has also announced his first solo album for 17 years. ‘Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume 1’ will be released on 30 March via Mute.

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