ARP Odyssey Free Book!

As anticipation builds for Korg’s ARP Odyssey launch, we had a quick chat with Korg’s Product Manager Ian Bradshaw about the recent announcement:

Are you relieved to have finally announced the ARP Odyssey?
“I wouldn’t say relieved as that implies we were under pressure. We have been very excited about Odyssey since the announcement last year and didn’t want to rush into bringing to market before the final product was absolutely ready. The timing of such products is very critical as we need to have the product absolutely right as well as production in place. Unlike digital products, the staff that work at the factories need different skill sets so we have to make sure that they have the right training. Fortunately our factories have experience with MS20 so we are not starting afresh.”

What was interest like at NAMM? Were there queues of people waiting to play with it?
“The KORG stand at NAMM was very busy all the time, the interest in Odyssey was huge with media and trade visitors alike. You only have to go online to see how many camera crews shot demos.”

Are there any plans for Korg to reboot any other classic synths?
“As usual, I’m sorry but we’re unable to discuss future product plans.”

Are you confident that there will enough supply in March/April to meet demand?
“Impossible to predict accurately, all I can say is that demand is very high and we will do our best to meet this demand.”

Learning Music With Synths

If you have already pre-ordered a ARP Odyssey from Korg, you might want to hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button below and get yourself a free download of the ultimate book about the legendary synth, written by David friend and Alan Pearlman, the people behind ARP itself. It’s a great primer for learning about creating sound with any traditional analogue synthesiser, and if that synth happens to be an ARP Odyssey, it’s unbeatable. We’ve bundled it up with the latest sampler of Electronic Sound, so that should give you plenty to read over the next week or so.

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