Mind On The Run: The Basil Kirchin Story


Basil Kirchin

A celebration of Basil Kirchin, the forgotten genius of post-war British Music, will take place at Hull City Hall from 17-19 February.

Initially a drummer inspired by jazz and mambo, Kirchin’s life has spanned the days when British dance music turned into rock ‘n’ roll, to film scores and pop songwriting before he retreated to Hull creating sonic landscapes until his death in 2005.

He worked with the likes of Mick Ronson and Jimmy Page, with his music featuring in films such as ‘Catch Us If You Can’ and ‘The Abominable Dr Phibes’. Kirchin was also a pioneer of musique concrète, with Brian Eno referring to him as “a founding father of ambient”.

Mind On The Run will bring live performances, conversations and visuals with a line-up of musicians, DJs, producers and composers who have been influenced by Kirchin over the years.

Hidden Orchestra will headline on the on Saturday 18 Feb with Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory curating ‘Musical Modernism’ a programme around Kirchin’s fascination with texture and sonic collage.

Hull based DJ and producer Steve Cobby will also be curating an afternoon of mixes and remixes drawn from Kirchin’s back catalogue of reel-to-reel tapes.

Tickets for ‘Mind On The Run: The Basil Kirchin Story’ events are between £6-£18. For more information go to www.hull2017.co.uk/mindontherun