Man With Robot Orchestra Performs Kraftwerk’s ‘The Robots’

“I was 11 when during a Sunday afternoon of 1978 Kraftwerk appeared for the first time in an Italian TV show,” says Giuseppe Acito about his Toa Mata project. “For me it was a dazzling discovery, one that has changed my life, so I went into my room, took a tape and recorded the audio from the tv speaker! I still keep that precious recording and I’ve played it again and again for a long time.

“Since that day I was waiting for the time when the robots make a real functioning band and play music live, and nowadays a lot of music robots around the world are growing up, giving new ideas and creative communication to the music.

“This is my inspiration for this Kraftwerk tribute, regarding their vision of the future and to their brilliant approaching to the music with a touch of irony that even now is still influencing a thousand of music producers around the world.

“My video contribution from Toa Mata Band (a tiny orchestra of Lego® Bionicle robots driven by Arduino®) represents a version of the iconic tune “The Robots” using open-source technologies, microcontrollers, 3D printer, robot arm, music DAW, smartphones, pocket synthesisers and more… trying to give a new way to read the message we got from them 40 years ago”