Full stream of John Carpenter’s ‘Lost Themes II’

The master of ’80s horror has returned

john carpenter

The Godfather of electronic film soundtracking is back. John Carpenter, whose synth music for his own films like the 1976 classic ‘Assault On Precinct 13’ has earned him a reputation as an electronic music pioneer as well as a cult film director.

Carpenter has released a stream of his second studio album ‘Lost Themes II.’ Dripping in the same atmosphere that the director is so widely associated with, Carpenter and his band (who happen to be his son and godson) have created an album that serves as a perfect blend of old and new. Managing to span a number of moods, ‘Lost Themes II’ has that same familiar synthwave sound, without sounding like a tired 1980s throwback. While like ‘Distant Dream’ and ‘Angel’s Asylum’ are frantic and sinister, others such as ‘White Pulse’ and ’Dark Blues’ are slower and more foreboding.

Carpenter has yet again injected his cinematic prowess into this second offering, giving us some more excellent mood-soaked themes that wouldn’t be out of place in his next horror feature film.

Listen to ‘Lost Themes II’ here:

‘Lost Themes II’ will be released on 15 April via Sacred Bones.